Consulting Services

Managing Key Relationships and Streamlined Communication Efforts

Knowledge of industry applications and requirements allows Cox Telecom to be a liaison for cellular carriers when dealing with the following parties:

  • Regional Development Boards/Councils
  • Zoning boards
  • Urban/Rural Infrastructure Groups (traffic, street lighting, etc.)
  • State transportation/highway divisions (WVDOT, etc.)

    Site Surveys, Preconstruction Walks, Site Acquisition Aid

    We provide site walks to determine the viability of the build given the most efficient approach while also considering value engineering. We offer carriers a specialized understanding of site installation requirements. We can aid in defining obstacles to site construction or performance before ground is broken. This mitigates project delays and costly redesign efforts.

      Contracting and Construction Services

      Small Cell Installations

      Whether on wooden utility poles, municipal poles, or within stealth concealments, we have the ability and experience to build to suit all customer expectations. Cox Telecom can build using any and all carriers’ OEMs (Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, etc.).

        Tower Scopes with Partners

        We offer the following Tower Scopes of Work with Partners:

        • Structural steel upgrades
        • Antenna/RRH Drop and Swaps
        • Colocations (All carriers)
        • Coax replacement
        • RET cabling applications
        • Site Mapping

          Macro Site Equipment Upgrades

          Cox Telecom has vast experience in multiple generations of telecom infrastructure.  From installation to decommissioning, we can handle any equipment upgrade. These include but are not limited to:

          • DC power plant installs/upgrades
          • RRH ground solutions applications
          • LTE and 5G baseband installations
          • Technology decommissioning
          • Standby DC power battery installations
          • AC/DC stationary generator installs

            Emergency Restoration Services

            Cox Telecom has a 24/7 on-call telecom services available to provide emergency restoration services. Whether it is repairing/replacing commercial power loss or hauling out a portable generator to get a site back on air, we are committed to keeping our customer’s network functioning.

              Electrical/RF Testing

              • AC/DC power troubleshooting/site load testing
              • Anritsu PIM & Sweep testing services
              • Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT) verification

                Directional Boring (HDD)/Micro-trenching with Partners

                In an effort to minimize the physical impact on existing conditions (roadway, utilities, etc.) we can rely on partners to perform directional boring and micro-trenching.  Cox Telecom has experience coordinating with partners to perform directional boring for fiber and power conduit installations where site locations are challenging.

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                  We are a local, turnkey telecommunications contracting and consulting business. There are few at all within the state of West Virginia. We not only offer contracted labor services, but we can self-manage, direct, and oversee an operation and deliver on customer satisfaction. As well as being highly versed in RF applications and installations, Cox Telecom is also a registered electrical contractor within West Virginia.


                  Frequent Questions


                  Does Cox Telecom offer Tower Services?

                  We do not offer in-house Tower services, but we can indirectly offer them to support project needs.


                  What is your industry focus?

                  We strive to provide any and all industry services. These include AC/DC power applications, civil scopes, and fiber installations.